The following training modules / slideshows have been created / shared by the official Seesaw Support Team for teachers leading "remote learning" with students. Please start your Seesaw learning by reviewing one of these slideshows, depending on your level of experience with Seesaw.

If you are a teacher new to Seesaw or consider yourself a Seesaw beginner, start here:

Casady School - Remote Learning for Teachers New to Seesaw

If you are a teacher experienced using Seesaw or consider yourself already capable with Seesaw basics, start here:

Casady School - Remote Learning for Teachers Already Using Seesaw

Sharing Seesaw Learning Codes with Families

Note these steps ONLY need to be completed by Casady HOMEROOM teachers, for their HOMEROOM class!

This 2 minute video shows the steps of getting your home learning codes and sending them to families.

Casady School - How to: Get Started with Home Learning with Seesaw for Teachers

Parent Seesaw Questions?

If your parents have technical questions about Seesaw, please refer them to our school technology support FAQs. We have a comprehensive (and growing) list of Seesaw FAQs specifically for parents.