Why Enable Seesaw Blogs?

Any Seesaw class can have a connected blog. This is a PUBLIC web link that can be shared with others, who are not students or parents in that specific Seesaw class. Like all other content / posts on Seesaw, everything shared on a Seesaw blog can (and likely should) be MODERATED by a classroom teacher in the Seesaw class.

Consider enabling Seesaw blogs if you want to:

  1. Empower your students to choose different media projects and posts to "share outside" your classroom with others
  2. Provide outstanding opportunities to discuss and PRACTICE good digital citizenship skills
  3. Provide moderated opportunities for your students to receive feedback from others outside your class on their work
  4. Help your students begin building a "digital portfolio" of work which others can see and access

Tutorials and Resources on Seesaw Blogs include:

  1. How do I use Seesaw Blogs? (From Emily in Seesaw Support)
  2. VIDEO: Use a Google Drawing to create a Seesaw Blog Header (7.5 min)

Casady Teachers Want More Help?

If you're a Casady teacher and would like more help creating and working with Seesaw