Self-Grading Quiz in Google Classroom

Google Classroom allows teachers to create self-grading "Quiz Assignments" in Google Classroom. This video tutorial demonstrates how to do this, using:

  1. a separate scan or photo of the quiz questions

  2. a Google Form to submit multiple choice answers


  1. Teachers CANNOT add any other attachments to the "Quiz Assignment" in Google Classroom. (In this example, the 'quiz questions' are shared as a LINK in the form description)

  2. Teachers must edit the ANSWER KEY for each question and enter both the number of points each question is worth, AND the correct answer(s).

  3. Teachers must click IMPORT GRADES to bring the student grades from the Google Form into Google Classroom. When importing, all current grades for that assignment are REPLACED by the grades in the form.

Watch this 16 minute, 40 second video tutorial screencast( recorded with Loom) for a demonstration of these steps.

The iOS app mentioned in the screencast is Turbo Scan.