What Is A "No Edit Video?"

A "no edit video" is a (generally) short video recorded without any later editing. Basically, you record it and you're done!

If you mess up when recording a "no edit video," you just start over and try again. In addition to the methods described below, you can also use SCREENCASTING tools.

Method 1: Record with QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player is a free program on every MacOS computer (like Casady faculty's MacBook Air laptops) which can readily record a short video. This 5.5 minute tutorial demonstrates how do to this.

Remember after you record and STOP your selfie video in QuickTime Player:

  1. From the FILE menu choose EXPORT AS - 720P.

  2. Save it with the desired filename, in a location you want (DESKTOP works well)

  3. Upload your video to Google Drive or YouTube (Guidelines on how to decide are available)

  4. Share your video in your interactive learning platform (Google Classroom, Seesaw or MyCasady)

Method 2: Use a tripod and smartphone mount / clamp

This is an example of a lovely no-edit video a teacher recorded using a tripod and smartphone mount / clamp.

You do not HAVE to use a tripod and mount when recording yourself using an iPhone or an iPad, but it's possible your finished video may look like footage from the Blair Witch Project. (Hint: That's NOT a good thing.)

A variety of tripods and smartphone mounts are available. This is a smartphone mount available from Amazon for $8. This is a basic tripod for $16.50 from Amazon.

Method 3: Add a Whiteboard to Method 2

Effective videos can be created adding a whiteboard to the techniques described in Method #2 above.

This tutorial from Lance Bledsoe (10 min, 40 sec long) provides a good overview.

Method 4: Record Directly Into Google Classroom

If you're using GOOGLE CLASSROOM with your students, you can add a MATERIAL and choose to use the CAMERA, then select VIDEO. This will let you directly record and share a video into Google Classroom with students, WITHOUT having to upload separately to Google Drive, YouTube, etc. This 6 minute video tutorial shows these steps.

Note there is apparently a TEN MINUTE LIMIT to videos recorded directly into Google Classroom this way.