A narrated slideshow can be an effective way to communicate ideas and concepts to your students. While you can create a screencast and record your narration over advancing slides, that can be a more challenging "performance" and it can be harder to edit / make changes. The options below allow for easier editing of slide narration. Whatever method you use, remember to "chunk" your content into digestible 'bites' for students. This generally means videos no longer than 4-5 minutes. When you need to share more content, record several videos / narrated slideshows!

Option 1: Explain Everything for iPad

If you have an iPad, use the app Explain Everything to import a slideshow from Google Slides or PowerPoint, and add narration slide-by-slide. All Casady faculty/staff have access to Explain Everything via our Securly locker / app store. This 3 minute video provides an overview Explain Everything.

Check out this 6 part video tutorial series for an in-depth dive into how to use Explain Everything.

Option 2: Video Puppet

Video Puppet a simple but powerful tool for uploading a slideshow from Google Slides or PowerPoint, and then either automatically taking your speaker notes and narrating them for you... or you can add narration. Or create a custom script. The learning curve and workflow requirements for Video Puppet are MUCH easier / less time consuming than some other ways of doing this.

Check out this 6 minute tutorial video from educational technology guru Richard Byrne (@rmbyrne) on how to use Video Puppet.

More Information

Additional tools and strategies for creating narrated slideshows are available on the 'Narrated Slideshows / Screencasts" page of ShowWithMedia.com.