iPad Teaching Resources

Official iPad User Guide

The most updated tips about using iPad are from Apple in the current iPad User Guide. Also use the "Tips" app on your iPad!

10 "iPad Tips and Tricks"

  1. Swipes & Taps
    1. Basic Gestures on iOS (Apple Support)
    2. 16 gestures that will make you love using your iPad (CNet, Aug 2019)
  2. Volume Control (Apple Support)
  3. Open with Spotlight (Apple Support)
  4. Take a screenshot (Apple Support)
  5. Annotate Photos or PDFs (Apple Support)
  6. GMail / Google Calendar (iOS apps)
  7. GDrive in Safari
    1. How to use G Suite apps in Safari on iPadOS (TechRepublic, (Oct 2019)
  8. Screen Record (Apple Support)
  9. iPad Live Teaching
  10. Read News with Flipboard (iOS app)

Video (37 min)

iPad Tips and Tricks by @wfryer (22 April 2020)