Tutorials and Resources on Hangouts Meet include:

  1. Slideshow Intro: Google Hangouts Meet
  2. Video Overview: The New Google Hangouts Meet (2 min)
  3. Meets Help
  4. Hangouts Meet training and help - G Suite Learning Center
  5. Hangouts Meet Cheat Sheet
  6. Video: Virtual Office Hours with Hangouts Meet (14 min, 19 sec)
  7. Eric Curts Resources on Google Hangouts


  1. Install the free Google Chrome Extension "Google Meet Grid View" (allows users to view all videoconference participants at the same time, like a Zoom meeting)
  2. Install the free Google Chrome "Nod - Reactions for Google Meet" (Lets participants raise their hands and more - Each participant must install it to use it / see it!)
  3. Create your Google Hangouts Meet link via Google Calendar
  4. Website: meet.google.com
Overview and Tutorial - Google Hangouts Meet