Chrome Extensions can be wonderful ways to extend the features and functions available in the web browser. Some extensions can cause conflicts and issues, however, so if you're having instability / freezing / crashing issues with things like Google Hangouts Meet / videoconferences, one good troubleshooting step is to DISABLE all your extensions. (Use Extensity!) You also need to beware / be careful to not install extensions which are malware / can steal your identity / etc. Rely on recommended sources (like our website!) and also check the number of downloads / users to decide what to install or avoid.

If you have suggestions for extensions to add to this list, please email them to helpdesk [at] casady [dot] org.

Recommended Google Chrome Extensions

    1. UBlock Origin (ad blocker, doesn't take much memory)
    2. Tab Suspender (saves LOTS of computer memory if you like to keep tabs open)
    3. Extensity (quickly enable or disable extensions)
    4. LastPass (quickly generate new random passwords, access your LastPass password vault)
    5. Screencastify (start/stop screencast recordings)
    6. Google Meet Grid View (allows users to view all videoconference participants at the same time, like a Zoom meeting)
    7. Save to Pocket (Creates 'cleaned up' / simplified versions of web articles you can read later -
    8. Share to Google Classroom (if using Google Classroom)
    9. Reflect in Seesaw (if using Seesaw)
    10. Awesome Screenshot: Screen Video Recorder (Quickly take a screenshot and save to Google Drive - via @techsavvyteach)

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