Each one of these "learning modules" includes tutorial videos and links you can use to learn how to use new educational technology tools with your students. Notice something is missing? Casady Faculty/Staff please add it to this Google Doc. (Others can view this document read-only)

Learning Modules

  1. Wellness and Self-Care
  2. Video
    1. No Edit Videos
    2. Screencasting
    3. Video Editing
  3. Google Tools
    1. Google Forms
    2. Google Docs
    3. Videoconferencing with Hangouts Meet (Live office hours, synchronous teaching)
    4. Chrome Extensions
  4. Safe Link Sharing
  5. Library Resources
  6. Seesaw
    1. Remote Learning with Seesaw Training (all Seesaw using teachers please start here!
    2. Seesaw Activities
    3. Seesaw Skills (Assessment)

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