Casady Parents:

If you need technology help / support, please:

  1. Check our technology support FAQs to see if your question is answered there first. (no login required)
  2. Login to MyCasady and refer to the Resource Board support documents linked there.
  3. If your child / student's teacher has a class/course FAQ document, please check to see if it addresses your question.
  4. If your question is not answered either of those places, please send an email to helpdesk [at] casady [dot] org
  5. Include as many details about your technology question / need in your email, including your child/student's name, and the class and teacher (if applicable) to which / whom the question applies.
  6. A member of our technology team will respond to your help desk email as soon as we can.

Thanks in advance for your patience!

If you have a Casady School technology emergency, please call the Technology Department at 405-749-3170.

If you have a non-technology emergency at Casady School, please contact our security department at 405-520-1316.