Casady School has partnered with Jennifer Foster, the Core Curriculum Coordinator for the Mass Communications Department at UCO. Jennifer works not only with UCO but other schools as well to help their faculty adapt and design curriculum for an online environment. She has prepared several videos (linked here) that focus on providing a global perspective as well as some “do-now” strategies for remote learning. These are designed for you to view asynchronously as your schedule permits. They are not required to view and use, but we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity as you are able. In addition to the introductory video, the subjects are:

  1. Designing Group Activities / Projects (14 min, 37 sec)
  2. Designing Alternate Assessments (16 min, 7 sec)
  3. Designing Self-Guided Lessons for Asynchronous Learning (26 min, 20 sec)
  4. Promoting Community Connections Through Student Discussion (27 min, 52 sec)

Jennifer also shared two follow-up Q & A sessuibs for Casady faculty on Wednesday, April 22nd at 4pm (archived video available) and Friday, April 24th at 10:30 (archived video available.) Faculty received calendar invites to these sessions. Join details for those conferences was also available on our "Genius Bar Calendar."

(2 min, 16 sec)

Casady Intro.mp4
Casady Group Activities.mp4
Casady Alternative Assessments.mp4
Casady Self Directed Assignments.mp4
Casady Promoting Community.mp4

Note: The CC-BY license below (applicable to other webpages on our site) does NOT apply to these videos by Jennifer Foster. Anyone is welcome to view and utilize these videos linked on this webpage, but these videos are the intellectual property of Jennifer Foster and licensed by her for use on this website only. These videos should NOT be downloaded and re-posted / utilized elsewhere without the explicit, written permission of Jennifer Foster.