Workshop Handouts

Link to handouts from past as well as upcoming workshops are available below. Registration for upcoming "Making Media Monday" workshops is available. If there is something you would like offered, please submit a survey request.

Getting Organized with Google Drive by @wfryer (May 2018)

Slides from our May/June 2018 workshop, "Getting Organized with Google Drive" are available. The workshop description was:

In this workshop we will discuss and highlight:

  • Tips for organizing files in Google Drive
  • Team Drives
  • "Google Drive File Stream" as a replacement for the Google Drive application
  • Web-based versus file manager / Finder management of files
  • Your questions and answers about Google Drive

The G Suite Learning Center has excellent tutorials and resources on Google Drive, which you can reference whether or not you are able to attend this face-to-face workshop.

This includes a helpful "cheat sheet" available as a 3 page PDF.