"Casady Learns" is a Google+ Community, where our faculty and staff share and celebrate learning. During Summer 2018, we are discussing two summer reading books together here.

School Communications

Official news from our Casady Communications team is shared on www.casady.org/page/news.

Learning Showcase

showcase.casady.org is a Blogger site where we highlight different examples of innovative teaching and learning, often involving technology.

Faculty and Staff Websites:

  1. Amanda Pardue (Upper Division Art)
  2. Bonnie Gerard (Upper Division English)
  3. Megan Thompson (Lower Division Art)
  4. Third Grade - Lower Division (2019-20)
  5. Eric Ebert (Upper Division Computer Science)
  6. Wes Fryer (Middle Division Digital and Media Literacy)


  1. Jeff Bush's 2017-18 3rd Grade Class
  2. Mallory Staats' 3rd Grade Class
  3. Shelly Fryer's 3rd Grade Class
  4. Jennifer Hensley's 3rd Grade Class

Student Websites

  1. Minecraft for Education by Andrew Y

A number of our faculty and staff use Twitter for professional and personal networking. This Twitter list includes current faculty and staff. If you follow this list with Twitter, it's wonderful to view these updates in Flipboard.

DigCit.us is a digital citizenship resource website for teachers, students, parents, school staff, and other community members. Launched in Janaury 2018, DigCit.us is our virtual space for sharing our work and journey with digital citizenship with our community and with others beyond our walls.

Learning Journals and Portfolios

Seesaw is a digital learning journal we use in all our Primary Division (PreK - K) and Lower Division (grades 1-4) classes. Teachers in other grades and departments / divisions are also welcome to use Seesaw. We maintain student portfolios as students matriculate through our school using the Seesaw for Schools program.