February 2022: Add Google Meet Link (from Google Classroom) in MyCasady (Blackbaud)

(8 minutes)

Google Certification & Product Updates (Feb 2022!)

Google Certification Updates: Feb 2022 (by @wfryer)

Back to School (August 2021) Presentations & Workshops

MD 1:1 Chromebook Orientation (9 Aug 2021)
Seesaw Refresh for Lower Division: 9 August 2021
Google Classroom August 2021: Updates & Tips by @wfryer
Seesaw Onboarding August 2021: Updates & Tips by @wfryer
2021-22 Back to School “Technology at Casady” Orientation

(33 min, 42 sec)

(41 min, 15 sec)

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Recent site updates and additions:

  1. Added "Change Your Google Password" tutorial video to Students page (8 Sep 2020)

  2. Added "Lesson Cast Directly Into Google Classroom" to "Lesson Casts" and "No-Edit Videos" (24 Aug 2020)

  3. Added "Self-Grading Quiz Assignment (12 August 2020)

  4. Added "Embed Docs and Videos" page (9 August 2020)

  5. Added "Teacher Created Videos" page (4 August 2020)

  6. Added "Google Meet Expectations for Students" to Google Meet module page (3 August 2020)

  7. Added "Lesson Cast" page (3 August 2020)

  8. Added "Math Resources" page (14 July 2020)

  9. Added "Back Up Explain Everything Projects to Google Drive" (14 July 2020)